“It’s very nice to work with the sizeez team, and the integration went extremely quickly and easily. Now we can truly provide a personalized shopping experience for our customers.”

– Kristina Jürgensen, CEO of – celebrating your personality. is a multi-brand luxury fashion retailer for men and women based in Germany. Quality, authenticity and uniqueness – these values are the bedrock of More than 80 luxury brands are sold in-store and via its online shop, and the products are offered in a range of different sizes. takes advantage of the size recommendation solution from sizeez to provide its customers with a better shopping experience. In turn, the company also benefits from a reduction in returns.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for consumers in multi-brand online stores is finding the right size for the different brands with different sizes (us, en, fr, de, etc.). Most products require the customer to know their clothing size and convert it to local sizes. In addition, the number of fashion brands is constantly growing. The customer often needs to guess or order several sizes to be on the safe side. A digital size recommendation such as sizeez can take away this stress factor by directly matching the customer’s body measurements and the associated size charts.

Use the sizeez Shopware extension to speed up integration

Integrating the sizeez solution into the online store system was a breeze. Using the sizeez extension for Shopware and the companion app for the photo-taking process, the team was able to integrate our size recommendation solution with little effort. The entire process was completed without the need for a dedicated developer to modify any code in the existing company shop system. Everything was done by simple mouse clicks within the shop backend.

Use the sizeez admin portal to easily manage size charts

For the size recommendation to work properly in an online store, size charts for the product categories must be stored at sizeez in advance. For multi-brand shops, it can be a challenge to enter all the size charts into our backend. To overcome this issue, we provide an online tool for shops to easily enter size charts into our system. The user interface was well-designed and very easy to use. In addition, the tool provides public size charts that can be easily cloned and modified for each shop’s own use. Again, this did not require any programming skills, everything can be done by mouse clicks and text input.
Even for multi-brand shops such as, managing size charts is very easy thanks to the admin portal.

The result is an early adopter of the sizeez solution. The integration of sizeez literally took just a few days. The sizeez Shopware extension, the companion app and the admin portal for size chart management made the effortless integration possible. We could observe an increased use of the sizeez solution immediately after its integration in the online shop, which has a very positive effect on the conversion rate and return reduction.