The safe 
way to your
perfect size.


The safe way to your perfect size.


How does it work?

Our sizeez SIZE RECOMMENDATION product offers much more than sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT. In addition to working out the body measurement, these measurements are then linked to your manufacturers’ sizing tables. From all the data, the sizeez algorithm generates size recommendations that guarantee a very high level of dimensional accuracy. Easy. Takes seconds. Anonymised. It can be used for fashion items and customised manufactured products. sizeez SIZE RECOMMENDATION expands your service for a successful ordering process and fewer customer returns.

Explained step-by-step.

Integration with the online shop.

Simply embed the QR code that leads to the sizeez app in your product page. Your customer can then use this to start the body scan process directly and find the right size for them.

How your customer will carry out the sizeez body scan:


Scan the QR code in your online shop using a Smartphone.


Answer questions about height and gender.


Take two photos in which the customer is fully visible from head to toe; one from the side and one from the front.


sizeez uses AI to calculate the precise body measurements in a matter of seconds and uses the manufacturer’s size chart to determine the appropriate size recommendation.

Back to the online shop.

After the body scan process is complete, the recommended size is displayed in the online shop.

Who benefits from the sizeez recom­mendation?

Our planet!

Transporting returned goods has a huge impact on the environment. Online shops cause more than 238,000 tonnes of CO2 per year*. By using sizeez, the number of returns will be noticeably reduced. This ensures greater sustainability and a lower environmental impact from e-commerce.

*Source: Research Institute: Bamberg, 2018


When your customers receive their order in the perfect size, they are guaranteed a positive shopping experience. Without disappointments and annoying returns.

The online shop operator

Satisfied customers become regular customers. So, a practical sizing solution pays off for you in the long run. The cost-intensive and time-consuming process of managing returns is drastically reduced. The average costs for staff, processing and postage per returned item is currently EUR 19.51*

*Source: Statista 2019

How does
integration with sizeez work?

SIZE RECOMMENDATION is provided as an API set. This contains functions, protocols, codes and objects as well as detailed API documentation that enable quick and easy connection. Offer your customers a straight-forward and convenient scanning process with our ready-to-use app. In order to transmit size recommendations, our system requires the size charts of your product offers. Don’t worry, with the help of our dedicated online tool you can easily enter the required information into our system.

Customized solution

Our price is based entirely on your needs and requirements. We work closely with you to customize each application to ensure optimal use of sizeez. Are you interested? Contact us for a free consultation, during which we will provide you with comprehensive advice and then submit a customized price proposal.

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small expenditure?

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