The app
to your
perfect size.


The app to your perfect size.


How does it work?

If your customer would like to work out their body measurements in order to purchase a product, they have the option of activating sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT using a QR code on a Smartphone. The app will ask them to take a full-body photograph – one from the front and one from the side. The required information is complete with details on height and gender. Based on these photos, the precise body measurements are calculated within a few seconds using AI. This will contribute to effective and optimal processing of your customer data and simplify the purchasing process. The use of the measurement data is suitable for various industries in which body measurements play an important role, such as in the bicycle business, for customised product offers, for fashion and workwear, and generally in the sports market segment.

Smart Body Sizing

To work out your precise sizing, sizeez processes
  • Data on body size
  • Data on gender
  • One photo from the front
  • One photo from the side

Up to 20 body measurements

… determine the sizeez app according to the ISO standard. The app can be used to immediately create size and body shape profiles for use in the clothing sector.

Who benefits from sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT?

Your customers, you and the planet!

If your customers receive a product that fits perfectly, this guarantees a positive buying experience. Satisfied customers become regular customers. The practical sizing pays off for you in the long run. Fewer returns result in more sustainability and less environmental impact caused by e-commerce.

Customised products

Customised products for everyone! Ordering customised clothing online is more than just a trend. With sizeez, classic tailoring is now also digitally possible for everyone.

Workwear manufacturers

Work clothing is usually tailored for employees. With sizeez, the ordering process can be automated and simplified for buyers and manufacturers alike.

Online bicycle dealers

If a bicycle is either too big or too small, the ride is only half as much fun. sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT helps to determine the right frame dimensions at an early stage, thereby eliminating the need to return it.

Sport and fitness

The number of people who regularly complete sports and fitness programmes in their own space and time is increasing. With the help of sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT, changes in body measurements can be tracked quickly and easily from home.

How does integration with sizeez work?

sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT is provided as an API set. This contains functions, protocols, codes and objects as well as detailed API documentation that enable quick and easy connection. Offer your customers a straight-forward and convenient scanning process with our ready-to-use app.

Customized solution

Our price is based entirely on your needs and requirements. We work closely with you to customize each application to ensure optimal use of sizeez. Are you interested? Contact us for a free consultation, during which we will provide you with comprehensive advice and then submit a customized price proposal.

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