Exact body measurements and perfect sizes with AI based solution.
Exact body measurements and perfect sizes with AI based solution.

Size matters.

Half of all online orders are returned because the sizes we order are not quite right. As e-commerce grows, so too does the number of returns. Returns cost the textile industry more than EUR 5 billion every year. Virtual Retail has found a solution for online shops. The AI-based sizeez software tool will work out your body measurements and make suitable size recommendations in just a few seconds. The sizeez app can be easily linked to any online shop.

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*Source: Statista 2020
Fewer returns due to ordering clothes in the wrong size.
Lowering the number of returns is sustainable, economical and will ensure more sales.
The fewer items we return to the shops, the more CO2 we save.

sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT utilises a digital body scan. In order to use the body scan, your customer will open the sizeez QR code embedded in your online shop using a Smartphone or tablet. With two photos of the customer and information on their height and gender, precise measurements can now be worked out via AI. These will be visible to your customers in the online shop in a matter of seconds, so that they may select their perfect clothing size. The entire process is anonymous. Photos and personal data will not be saved. The measurements taken by the body scan will optimise the purchase of fashion items as well as other customised products.

The sizeez SIZE RECOMMENDATION solution works like sizeez BODY MEASUREMENT and even goes one step further: The customer’s measurements will be linked to the size tables provided by your manufacturer. From this data synthesis, the sizeez algorithm formulates size recommendations that ensure a very high level of dimensional accuracy.

Optimising the
ordering process.

Guaranteed to be more convenient than a tape measure. Find out more about the technology behind sizeez and how easy it is to integrate the efficient tools into your online shop.

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sizeez App.
Try the sizeez App.