Knowledge creates efficiency.

Knowledge creates efficiency.

Our foundation is sophisticated technology and years of research.

The unique sizeez technology is based on comprehensive knowledge, the latest research and the most recent developments in artificial intelligence. The complex deep learning solution makes it possible to determine precise body measurements from two photos, height and gender in a matter of seconds.

Our core technology

The sizeez algorithm uses both computer vision and deep learning to process RGB images and extract body silhouettes from these. In addition, our neural network software calculates precise body measurements based on silhouettes. At the end of the body scan process, we provide detailed optimal fit information for a specific product.

Body Measurement

Digital silhouettes are created from a front and side photo, allowing exact body measurements to be calculated.




Size Recommen­dation

The calculated body measurements and the size charts provided by your suppliers are linked to our fitting algorithm and can thus provide information about the right product size.



Data generation

We use our own methods to generate synthetic data based on thousands of raw 3D scans. A constantly evolving data set continuously improves and trains our neural networks.

Digital assistant

We offer a progressive web app that makes taking photos easy and fun. It looks like a normal app, but does not need to be downloaded to or installed on your device.

Cloud comput­ing

All complex and data-heavy calculations are done in the cloud without burdening your Smartphone. Efficient and available worldwide.

Data protection.

sizeez is committed to 100% data protection under German law. Personal data is transmitted anonymously. Photos are deleted immediately after processing.

  • No personal data will be stored or passed on to third parties.
  • The server is located in Germany.